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Coming Home

I was able to jump right into working for the Reno Gazette-Journal Wednesday with my first major news assignment. My assignment was to cover a soldier returning home from Afghanistan after being injured. Enrico Flores was injured in Afghanistan on Nov. 15 when his vehicle was hit by an IED.

Enrico Flores,center, is followed down the escalator by family and friends after his return to the Reno-Tahoe International Airport Wednesday May 23, 2012.

Concepcion Flores, Enrico Flores’ grandmother, places her hand on Enrico’s back as they talk in the Reno-Tahoe International Airport’s lobby minutes after his arrival

I was also given my fire equipment Thursday. All the interns will receive fire training sometime soon just in case we need to cover a wild fire.

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EIU ROTC Takes Off

Eastern ROTC conducted an Aviation Lab on Eastern’s campus Thursday, March 22, 2012. The cadets had a safety briefing before boarding the helicopter, and the lab consisted of three 10 minute flights around Charleston, Ill., in a CH-47 Chinook.

Cadets from the first group to go into the air exit the CH-47 Chinook after landing in the Tundra outside of the Tarble Arts Center.

Sgt. 1st Class Russell Bennett waits for cadets to enter the aircraft before taking off. Cadets were instructed on the proper way to exit the aircraft because of the heat from the engines and rotor blades.

Helmets lie on the ground before the Cadets pick them up to enter the aircraft.

The photographers I work with at The Daily Eastern News and the Warbler have been working on turning these assignments into something more than a photo or two in the paper. Keep on the lookout for more creative photo galleries, in-depth photo essays, and videos. For more photos of this event click here  to check out the Soundslide that I put together with Zachary White.



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Eastern ROTC paintball

The Eastern Army ROTC paintball lab was held at  Fly’n Colors Paintball, 12284 Old State Road Charleston, Ill., Thursday, March 8, 2012. The lab was used to help train the cadets as well as give them leadership experience. Here are a few of my favorite shots and a Soundlslide I put together.

William Comstock, a graduate student, works with his team to capture the flag during the EIU Army ROTC paintball lab. The capture the flag match was followed by a round where one team had to escort an individual from one side of the play area to another without being shot.

A cadet attempts to take out the final member of the opposing team during a team elimination match.

Cadet Zach Rappe, a freshman political science major, takes cover behind a mound of dirt during the EIU Army ROTC paintball lab.

For the Soudslide head over to the Daily Eastern News.

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ROTC U.S Weapons Lab

Here is a selection of photos from the ROTC U.S. Weapons Lab that was held in the McAfee Gym at Eastern Illinois University on Thursday, Jan. 26, 2012.

Cadet Nana Gyasi, a sophomore family and consumer sciences major, demonstrates her ability to work a Mark 19 grenade launcher at the ROTC U.S. Weapons Lab in the McAfee Gym Thursday Jan. 26, 2012. The weapons lab gave the cadets the opportunity to handle weapons, including the M-2 .50-caliber machine gun, M-4 Carbine, M-9 9mm pistol, M249 machine gun, M240B machine gun and Mark 19 grenade launcher, before going to the firing range later this year. The M 19 grenade launcher has a sustained rate of fire of 40 rounds per minute according to the provided MK 19 operational data.

Cadets attempt to assemble and disassemble the M-4 Carbine.

A cadet slides the drive spring of a M249 machine gun into place.

Cadet John Darling, a freshman exercise science major, works on assembling a M249 machine gun.

Cadet Charles Reynolds, a junior political science major, teaches ROTC cadets how to assemble and disassemble the M-4 Carbine.

Cadet Jack McLeod, a junior health studies major, assembles a M249 machine gun.

An unassembled M-9 9mm pistol lies on the floor during the ROTC U.S. Weapons Lab. For the full 28 photo slideshow head over to The Daily Eastern News.

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My online portfolio of still images can be seen by clicking right here and at the bottom of the page in the footer. Here are a few of the photos.

Sophomore wing Cara Hahne tugs on the jersey of a Northern Iowa rugby player during Eastern Illinois University’s 24-5 victory at Lakeside Field Oct. 23, 2011.

Beth Niemerg, a freshman biology major, served in the United States Army to pay for school. She decided to come back without any of her transferrable credits previously earned because she wanted her time at Eastern to be a new start.

Senior community health major Julie Huck waits as Johnny Wilder, owner of Poor Boys Tattoo and Piercings in Charleston, Ill., finishes her tattoo Oct. 1, 2011. Huck has been working on her tattoo on and off for four years.

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