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Fall and winter sports update

The start of October marked the road to IHSA state finals for local high school teams in Decatur. I mainly covered volleyball and football with some cross country sprinkled in.

Emotions ran  high with many of the athletes as their seasons came to a close, and I think you will be able to see that in the photos.

Recently, basketball has dominated my shooting schedule, so there will be many more photos of that in the coming months.

Here are some of my favorite sports photos since October.

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News from the year

Over the course of the year I tend to post more sports photography than anything else here on my blog. Along with the new year I hope to change that with running updates of not only sports but my news assignments as well.

Since I started with the Herald & Review in May I have covered everything from tornado damage to the daily life of a clown. I’ve posted a few things like Decatur Celebration, but nothing from more of my daily work.

Here are 54 of my favorite news photos from my time with the Herald & Review so far.

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Fall 2013 High School Sports

Over the past few weeks I’ve been able to experience my first fall season covering high school sports. Most of my nights have been spent at either a volleyball, soccer or football game, and with state finals right around the corner I thought I would gather some of my favorite photos from the season so far.


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The Virginian visits central Illinois

James Drury, of the TV western The Virginian, made a stop in Effingham and Decatur last Friday. I photographed him before and after an appearance with WAND, a local TV station. After taking more portraits in three months than I did in my entire college career I’m starting to get used to the fast paced nature that most of my news portraits fall into.

The location wasn’t ideal, so I tried to go for something more natural instead of a posed shot and this was the result. It was taken during the interview process with Herald & Review reporter Bob Fallstrom.

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The Cellist

As my four years at Eastern come to an end tried my hand at producing a more intricate multimedia piece than I’m used to.  I decided to take an independent study during this last semester, and the result was a multimedia piece on a Shannon McElmeel, a cellist at Eastern. The video was put together with three different parts. The audio from the interview, photos from practice, and the video of her playing.

Aside from scheduling problems, since we both had very busy semesters, putting the video together wasn’t as difficult as I thought. Part of that is because I switched from Final Cut Express to Adobe Premiere Pro.

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Same sports, new locations

I recently took a job with the Herald and Review in Decatur, Ill, and until I graduate I’m only working part time. For the past two months high school sports have been a major aspect of what I’m covering. I can definitely say I’ve grown more comfortable finding my way around central Illinois over the past two months.

Here are few of my favorite shots from the games I’ve covered.


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Greek Sing

As a slow trickle of brightly dressed Eastern sorority and fraternity members walk to Lantz Arena they contrast the softball fans in t-shirts and shorts at Williams field. Dashes of red, yellow and green make their way across campus for Greek Sing.

Part of Eastern’s Greek Week, Greek Sing involves sororities and fraternities singing musical medleys. Lantz Arena was filled with students and family for the event Sunday.

I originally wasn’t planning on covering Greek Sing, but because of another canceled event on Friday I decided to see what I could get. I was happy I decided to spend a few hours of my Sunday afternoon in a stuffy gym. Here are a few of my favorite shots.

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Working Before the Dawn

Heating up green tea in a microwave at 4 a.m. on the second floor of Buzzard Hall is how Jenny Thompson needs to start her day. Thompson, a building service worker at Eastern Illinois University, begins her workday when the only students still awake are toiling away in their books or stumbling home from a late night out.

Thompson, one of four BSWs who work the 4 to 11:30 a.m. shift in Buzzard, has worked in the building since Summer 2011.

Thompson said it took her a week before she had a system to get through the building.

Now, she moves through the offices and hallways with precision and swiftness. Only momentarily stopping to wipe a black scuffmark from the floor with her foor when she spots them.

Thompson describes her job at Eastern as one of the best she could have asked for.

“If you talk to the students and get to know them everything will be good,” she said.

I originally wanted to work on this story last semester, but I couldn’t find the time to get it done. With a little more free time to work on some of my own projects I was able to pretty quickly find someone willing to let me follow them for a few hours. I was lucky because Thompson was great to work with. If you want to see more collected photo essays head over to the Photo Essay section of the site.

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The Road Ends for Eastern Basketball

The Eastern men’s basketball team faced off against Southeast Missouri on March 6, in the Nashville Municipal Auditorium, but wasn’t able to move forward in the OVC tournament. SEMO defeated the men’s basketball team 78-68.

The women’s team played on Friday, March 8, and fell against UT Martin 71-69 in the semifinal round. It was one of the most exciting games I covered during my four years at Eastern, and it was also the last Eastern basketball games I’ll cover for The Daily Eastern News or the Warbler. UT Martin ended up winning the OVC Championship and is moving into the NCAA Tournament.

For the full women’s basketball story check out Alex McNamee’s story in The Daily Eastern News. With the basketball season over, baseball and softball are right around the corner, and it will be nice to finally get back outside to cover games.

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The Road to Nashville

I covered my final two Eastern home basketball games Saturday, March 2. Both the men and women faced off against Southern Illinois University Edwardsville in Lantz Arena. The men came out of of the game victorious, defeating SIUE 61-46.

The women weren’t able to come away with the victory. Eastern lost 62-70 in overtime.

I’m traveling to Nashville to cover the Ohio Valley Conference Tournament today, so there will be more photos coming soon.

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