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Fall 2013 High School Sports

Over the past few weeks I’ve been able to experience my first fall season covering high school sports. Most of my nights have been spent at either a volleyball, soccer or football game, and with state finals right around the corner I thought I would gather some of my favorite photos from the season so far.


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The Mighty, Mighty, Tour de Nez

Out of all the sports I’ve covered this year cycling has proved to be the most challenging. Not because I couldn’t get enough photos, but because I wanted to get something different. I covered The Mighty, Mighty, Tour de Nez on Sunday, July 29, in downtown Reno. I wasn’t able to get any of the quirky races that happened earlier in the day because I was on another assignment, but I got downtown with enough time to cover the masters and pro races.

The challenge for me was to get something other than the riders coming at me or the go-to pan shot. After a few hours and a couple of races I was pretty happy with my results. Unlike some of the other sports I’ve covered I think I can find some cycling events around Charleston.

Jason Walker, of Reno, and winner of the masters division, speeds past the crowd as his wife Kerri Walker, far left, and mother Billie Thoresen, right, cheer for him during The Might, Mighty, Tour de Nez on Arlington Avenue.

Competitors in the masters division ride down Arlington Avenue.

Emily Kachorek waits for the women’s pro race to start on Arlington Avenue. The competitors in the women’s division raced for an hour through the streets of Reno.

Jason Walker wins the masters division of The Mighty, Mighty, Tour de Nez in downtown Reno.

Competitors in the mens pro division begin their race on Arlington Avenue.

Erica Greif races down West First Street in the women’s pro division in downtown Reno.

Lucas Binder makes his way up a hill on Rainbow Street with a pack of racers behind him during the men’s pro division in downtown Reno.

Allison Tetrick rides down West First Street in downtown Reno.

Emily Thurston tries to keep her lead as she rides down West first Street in downtown Reno.

Erica Greif races in the women’s pro division in downtown Reno.

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Eastern student competes on “Jeopardy!”

For the first time in Eastern history a student competed in the game show “Jeopardy!” which aired Thursday Feb. 2, 2012. A viewing was held in the Andrews Hall basement were supporters of Anne Rozek, a junior geography major, came to watch and cheer her on. Rozek finished in third place.

Rozek watches the first airing of the “Jeopardy!” episode she starred in. “Everyone has been so supportive. it’s really great that they came out and were cheering and forgave my not so great buzzer skills and brain farts,” Rozek said.

Jacob Deters, a junior music education major, winces as he waits for Rozek to answer a question.

Rozek reacts as she watches herself answer a question.

Sara Heinking (left), a sophomore communication disorders major; Amanda Kramer, a senior history major; Alissa Runkle, a freshman math major; and Lauren Humphrey, a freshman chemistry major, sign a congratulatory poster for Rozek.

Rozek is shown in the monitor of a television camera after the conclusion of her “Jeopardy!” Episode.

For the full story head over to The Daily Eastern News, and more photos can be seen by checking out the Photo Desk blog.

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