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Ultimate Reno Combat 34

I was able to try my hand at shooting Mixed Martial Arts on Friday, June 29, 2012. Ultimate Reno Combat 34 was held at the Grand Sierra Resort only two minutes away from the RGJ. I was pretty happy with what I got from the fights, and as a fan, it was great to see the fights live.

With any sport I shoot after the first time I always come away seeing something I could have done better, and I’m hoping I’ll be able to shoot their next event on July 20. Working at a venue like this you are at the mercy of the lights, and from what I was told the lighting at this one was some of the hardest to shoot in. While not perfect I can’t seem to find anything worse than the Lantz Field house at EIU.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the night.

David Sallee, of Havuk Skwod, walks out to the cage for his fight with Kyle Burks, of Team Voodoo.

Kyle Burks sends David Sallee to the ground with a right hand and follows up with ground and pound to win the fight by TKO.

Jose Quintero, of Team Norcal MMA, reacts after his submission win with a rear naked choke over Brock Peterson, of Peterson Athletic Systems.

Hugo Valadez, of Team SharpNux, lands a punch on Erick Sanchez, of Team Alpha Male. Sanchez won the fight by unanimous decision.

George Viveros, of Reno Academy of Combat, is inspected before going into the cage.

Brandon Thomas, of Team SharpNux, slips past one of Travis Morley’s, of Mountain Warrior Fight Club, punches. Morley won the fight by TKO.

Chad Steiner, of Team SharpNux, takes a kick to the gut from Jose Medina, of South Lake Tahoe Wing Chun. Steiner won the fight by unanimous decision.

David Sallee throws a right hand at Kyle Burks.

Jose Medina takes a swing at Chad Steiner but isn’t fast enough to land.

Isaiah Wright, of Sektion 8 Fight Team, jumps onto the cage after knocking out Larry Gunter, of Havik Skwod.

Chad Steiner attempts a rear naked choke during his fight with Jose Medina.

Chad Steiner is announced as the winner by unanimous decision after his fight with Jose Medina.

Now onto the main event.

Ricky Steele, of Twisted Genetiks, lands a head kick on Mike Crowell, of Team Voodoo. Steele won the fight with a submission by standing guillotine choke.

Ricky Steele catches Mike Rowell in a standing guillotine choke that ended the main event in the first round.

This is probably my favorite sports reaction photos I’ve taken so far.

Mike Crowell recovers after being submitted by Ricky Steele with a standing guillotine choke.

As I was editing these I thought to myself I haven’t done a black and white photo since I shot for The Daily Eastern News, so here you go.

Larry Gunter, of Havik Skwod, is wished good luck by one of his coaches before his fight with Isaiah Wright. Gunter lost by knockout.

If you want to see more click here for my gallery at the Reno Gazette-Journal.

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Portfolio update

After gathering all my images from the past semester I was able to add some to my portfolio. Here are a few of the updates that I haven’t already posted on the blog. You can click here to see my whole portfolio.

Omar Solomon marches with others down Roosevelt Avenue in Charleston, Ill., on their wat to the “I am, we are Trayvon Martin” rally on the Doudna Fine Arts Center’s steps while chanting “justice for Trayvon” Tuesday, April 3, 2012.

Junior guard Ta’Kenya Nixon hit a career high of 30 points during Eastern’s final Ohio Valley Conference game against Eastern Kentucky Saturday, Feb. 25, 2012. That win ended their two game losing streak heading into the OVC tournament on Friday, March 2, 2012.

Following a security lock down at Charleston High School Friday, Feb. 24, 2012, Stacy Stewart, of Charleston, and her daughter Lyndsy Hunt, a freshman at CHS, walk out of the main entrance. The school was locked down at 8:45 a.m. after receiving word from the 911 center concerning phone calls made from inside the building relating to a possible person with a gun. The calls were both confirmed to be called in by a CHS student and not true.

Eastern coach Jim Schmitz, left, yells through the umpire at Morehead State coach Jay Sorg after an Eastern runner was pushed off of third base after the play during the bottom of the fourth inning in the final game of the series Sunday, April 22, 2012, at Coaches Stadium. Eastern defeated Morehead State 13-8.

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On the Mat

This is the second video in a series on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor Andre “Maneco” Leite. I have been putting this video together for the past week and realized how different the style was from my last video on striking. They both have the same general layout but I had to approach shooting the Jiu Jitsu differently. It was a lot harder to get a good shot of the Jiu Jitsu than it was to get good striking shots, but I welcome the challenge. It made me try harder and look for better ways to work the scene. I also got to test out my new Zykkor shoulder mount, which, for the money, I thought worked pretty well. Just like the last video everything was shot at Torres Martial Arts. Unfortunately, this also marks the end of my winter break and it was last time I will be heading into the gym to work on Jiu Jitsu until the summer.

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Over the past few weeks I have been working on a video for my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor Andre. This video is the first of two videos that will hopefully be finished before I go back to Eastern in a week. The focus of this video is on striking and the next video will focus on Jiu Jitsu. The video was shot at Torres Martial Arts in Hammond, IN. I shot the video mostly with a 50mm 1.8 but for a few shots I used the 28mm 2.8 and my 5d Mark II. I really like the look of the 28 in the video and realized that I have definitely under used it in some of my previous assignments.

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