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Never running out of gas

One of my most interesting assignments so far with the RGJ was the Reno-Tahoe Odyssey. Not only is it an interesting race, spanning 178 miles run by teams of 12, but there was also a marriage at an exchange point.

At exchange 30 in Virginia City, Nev., Pete Parker and Heidi Hurst were married during their exchange. Parker ran leg 30 and Hurst, after getting married, ran the 31st leg.

All of this took place Saturday, June 2, 2012 during the last day of the race.

Tim Caldwell, of Reno, takes off on leg 31 of the Reno-Tahoe Odyssey in Virginia City Saturday.

The map of the Reno-Tahoe Odyssey on the back of a runner’s shirt.

Jeff Rocke runs through a tunnel made by teammates at exchange 30 of the Reno-Tahoe Odyssey before handing off to Janon Pescio Saturday in Virginia City.

A runner celebrates after finishing her leg of the race.

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Memorial Day Events

Memorial Day events took over my life for my first weekend with the Reno Gazette-Journal. I had two separate events to cover. My first was the Virginia City Memorial Day parade. This was my first parade since homecoming and gave me something a little bit different. You tend not to see too many cowboys in Charleston.

Doc Durden, of Reno, with Living Legends uses a whip to entertain the crowd as the Virginia City Memorial Day parade moves down “C” street Saturday, May 26, 2012.

Mark Pimley, of Minden, Nev., hands out poppies in support of veterans to those walking down “C” Street before the VFW participates in the Virginia City Memorial Day parade.

Sriman Komaragiri, left, and his cousin Siri Phaneendra watch the Virginia City Memorial Day parade with Komaragiri’s parents.

The second event I shot was a wreath laying ceremony on Sunday, May 27, 2012 to honor those who died in service.

Joe Maez, of Reno, walks away from the edge of the Truckee River after finishing the wreath laying ceremony at Rock Park in Sparks. Maez said the placing of the wreath in the river symbolizes a tribute to those who have departed.

Senior Chief Petty Officer Kenneth Bouchard, of the Damonte Ranch High School Mustang Battalion, stands as part of the color guard present at the wreath laying ceremony at Rock Park in Sparks.

I’m happy with the amount of news that I’m able to shoot with the RGJ. It gives me a chance to get out and test my skills with assignments I otherwise wouldn’t be able to do at Eastern. Some, like the parade, are similar no matter where you go, but I do have some assignments coming up that have really sparked my interest.

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The Great American Road Trip and its Aftermath

After traveling 1,924 miles, crossing six states, and spending far to much on gas I reached my summer destination of Reno, Nev., last Thursday. The trip took my girlfriend, Kaiti, and I three days as we drove across Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah and Nevada.  Driving along I-80 the entire way didn’t make for the most exciting road trip. Even though it didn’t showcase the most enticing aspects of the states we drove through it still offered views and scenery I hadn’t traveled through yet.

The open map on the dashboard of my car while driving during the second day.

Crossing through Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska was somewhat familiar territory. It wasn’t until the second day, after leaving Kearney, Neb., that things started to change. The landscape became more mountainous and a lot more fun to drive through.

The elevation in Wyoming is slightly higher than Illinois.

The only hiccup in the trip was on the final day of driving. As we left our hotel in Evanston, Wyo., my check engine light decided to pop on. We stopped in Salt Lake City to get my car checked out and ended up staying there for three hours waiting for the repairs. The owner of the Midas we stopped at was kind enough to drive us to a mall downtown, and we spent the next three hours wandering around. I can now say I have been into a Mormon bookstore. It had very nice bathrooms.

As we were planning this trip Kaiti and I wanted to get the most out of Reno during the short time she was here, so we decided to stay in a casino the first night.  The next day I moved into my new place for the summer.

The view from the hill overlooking where I’m living for the summer.

It wasn’t until Saturday that we were really able to get out and explore. We decided to head to Virginia City for the day, and were not disappointed. We saw a pretty amusing gunfight show, had an incredibly odd historic tour, had some great barbecue, and some equally tasty fudge.

The miner who only wanted his mule back prepares for a showdown during the gunfight show in Virginia City.

Sunday we traveled to Lake Tahoe and hiked down to Skunk Harbor, which is a somewhat secluded beach on the coast of the lake. The deep blue of Lake Tahoe surprised me since the only lake I’ve swam in was Lake Michigan. We were able to experience a little hiking, swimming and exploring before seeing the eclipse at a restaurant in Carson City.

The view from skunk Harbor. I plan on spending a lot more time at Lake Tahoe this summer.

On Kaiti’s last full day here we went downtown and saw the city. I’ll be spending a lot of time there during my internship so expect more photos over the summer. I’ll have a special section for anything related to my summer here in Reno or my internship which I start Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. It should be an interesting summer.

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