Unity II

Here is an assignment I shot a few weeks ago. It was a Burning Man fundraiser/party called Unity II in Reno. It was held at the Salvagery Reno and raised money for two Burning Man art projects, Pier 2 and Burn Wall Street, and the art gallery at the Salvagery Reno. The party started open to all ages with bands, an open gallery, and a dunk tank. Later it moved inside the Salvagery with dancing and shows on the second floor.

A crowd gathers to watch Lina Herrada, of Reno, perform Aerial Arts Saturday, July 14, 2012, during Unity 2 in the Salvagery Reno’s gallery.

Two party goers sit at the top of the Pier 2 Burning Man art project during Unity 2.

Jungle Jim gets a drink during Unity 2.

Big Chief heads to the makeshift Green Room before a fashion show on the second floor of the Salvagery Reno.

The wall of the second floor of the Salvagery Reno is decorated with mannequin bodies.

A model from Unity 2’s fashion show makes her way to the stage on the second floor of the Salvagery Reno.

Models from Unity 2’s fashion show are bathed in red light as they dance back to the Green Room during their final appearance in front of the crowd.

Those attending Unity 2 greet each other at the entrance of the Salvagery Reno’s art gallery.

Those attending Unity 2 move inside the Salvagery Reno to dance.

A dancer enjoys the music as the party moves from the outside into the Salvagery Reno’s warehouse during Unity 2.

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